Interview with Alberto Mato

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Today we interviewed Alberto Mato (SAP & GRC Consultant). We hope you can get to know his experience working in our company.

What is your role within Inprosec?

I’m a SAP & GRC Security Consultant. I collaborate on security services and projects for external clients primarily.

What would you highlight about your functions within the company?

One key point to highlight is the variety of projects and tasks that occur on a daily basis. Without a doubt, each day is a new challenge and a constant learning experience.

Additionally, another point to appreciate is being able to have contact with the end client. Being involved in projects and services gives you the opportunity to understand the issues they may encounter daily and provide solutions.

What has Inprosec meant in your professional career?

Inprosec has been a 180º turn in my professional career. My experience was in the field of Digital Marketing; I had never worked in the Cybersecurity sector. It has been a great challenge and a great opportunity for growth in a booming industry.

How do you manage to reconcile personal and professional life?

At Inprosec, we only need to come to the office two days a week, so being able to telecommute and have a flexible schedule allows me to balance personal and professional life better.

Among the company’s staff, it’s common to reside in any other city in Galicia (A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, or Pontevedra) and work at Inprosec (Vigo) thanks to the opportunity they offer with telecommuting.

What do you value most about working at a company like Inprosec?

There are many aspects I could value (professional development, ongoing training, etc.), but if I have to prioritize one, I would choose the team. It’s a group of young and highly skilled people. It’s a pleasure to work with them; they’re always willing to help and to train you every day.

Tell us an anecdote that has caught your attention in a situation in a stage in Inprosec

Five months after joining the company, I was handcuffed with the CEO.

The headline sounds a bit strong, so I’ll explain the anecdote: A few months after I joined the company, we had a meal with an Escape Room included. Among the challenges of the activity, we had to handcuff ourselves with two ropes and try to free ourselves. Luckily, we succeeded, for the reader’s peace of mind, my hands are already free.

As an employee of a company specializing in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is just starting out regarding their systems?

My advice is to value cybersecurity as extremely important for their company. Nowadays, it’s common to read news about companies jeopardizing their viability or reputation due to security breaches in their systems. So, I would recommend not letting their guard down and staying well informed.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

I’m a very active person, so if I’ve finished my workday, I’m most likely: having a drink with my friends, taking my dog for a walk, cycling, riding a motorcycle, in a van, or even on a boat.

Who do you “nominate” for us to interview next and why?

I nominate Antón Blanco; we joined the company together, and I believe he can contribute a lot with his interview.

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