SAP® Security Services

Optimize the security level of your SAP® installation.

Secure your SAP® systems and minimise risks

At Inprosec, we have in-depth experience in SAP® security services and can help you implement policies and procedures to improve productivity and avoid risks in SAP® systems, such as role design, SAP® security assessment, identity management and customised projects.


Role Model Design

Role model design in SAP® systems involves implementing a role model based on best practices with the primary goal of reducing Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts. In addition, this type of role model also makes it possible to simplify access management in SAP® systems, which reduces maintenance effort and costs.


Security Assesment

SAP® Security Assessment is a comprehensive security product that Inprosec offers its clients to have real-time information on the main risks and unsafe configuration settings in SAP® systems. Do you want to know how secure your SAP® systems are?


SAP® Single Sign-On

One of the most common problems with SAP® systems is forgetting the access password. The solution to this problem is SAP® Single Sign-On, which allows us to log in securely without having to remember the password, thus simplifying the authentication process for various applications and programmes.


UI Masking

UI Masking is a solution that allows sensitive fields to be hidden from users who are not individually authorised to access those fields. This tool improves compliance with privacy, data protection, regulatory and internal requirements by controlling access to certain sensitive information.


SAP® Security Tools

SAP® has standard tools that enable us to increase the security of SAP® systems.

System Recommendations allow us to know the security patches that affect SAP systems.

Configuration Validation allow us to automate the security analysis of SAP® systems.


SAP® Security Training

At Inprosec, we offer training sessions aimed at training the internal teams of organisations in SAP® and SAP® GRC security, within the different variants of SAP® systems such as ECC, HANA, Fiori, Cloud, etc.


SAP® License Audit

SAP® Licence Audit provides an analysis of your SAP® licensing based on your existing customer agreement with SAP®. We help to unravel the complexities of understanding and managing SAP® licensing, as well as potential non-compliance situations arising from incorrect allocations or licence counts.


Tailor Made Projects

Delivering projects tailored to customer needs. Examples include PowerBI dashboards of the security status of your SAP® systems, monitoring reports, policy and procedure definitions in SAP® systems, and many others.


SAP® User & Role Management Support

With this service, access management in SAP® is completely outsourced. Our consultants manage all incident tickets opened by users within SAP® systems. They ensure effective management of authorisations and roles.

Can we help with your company’s SAP® Security?