Our history

More than 10 years of success. Will you join us for the next 10?

August 2010. Iago Fortes founds Inprosec

The origin of Inprosec dates back to 2008 when our CEO Iago Fortes was hired by Unilever Europe (UK-Port Sunlihgt) to work at European level on SAP EU, GRC 4.2 VIRSA. After two years as a freelance, he decided to start Inprosec in August 2010.


2011. Implementation of the 1st SAP GRC in the Iberian Peninsula

Inprosec signed a project with a major Spanish-Portuguese client (Cimpor, from which VCEAA would later emerge), which resulted in the implementation of the first SAP GRC 10 in the Iberian Peninsula.

2012. Unilever case study presented at the Annual SAP GRC Event in Milan

In 2012, our first customer (Unilever), became a European success story, being co-presented by Michael Saywell and Iago himself at the annual SAP GRC Europe event, held that year in Milan.

2013. We present the success story of SAP GRC implementation at CIMPOR at SAP GRC Europe

In 2013, the first SAP GRC 10 project in Iberia became a success story at SAP GRC Europe in Amsterdam. At the same time, Inprosec team grew to 10 members, thanks to the Santander and Feuga scholarships, which allow us to invest in young paid talent while they receive the necessary training to form part of the team. The incorporation of our CEO’s brother, Roi Fortes, was key to boosting the commercial area of the company.


2015. VCEAA projects, a SAP GRC success story in Nice

In 2015 the projects with VCEAA were considered success stories at the GRC Europe (Nice), thus achieving in 3 years, 4 success stories with 3 international companies.

2016. Expansion into Mexico

2016 was probably one of the most important years for Inprosec, as we opened borders and crossed the ocean to enter the Mexican market, signing our first projects. Our first client was Nemak of the Alfa group, with whom we continue to work today.

2016. Recognition as an Ardan High-Performance Company

Inprosec was recognised in 2016 with the Ardan “High Performance Company” award for the period 2012-14 as a young company with an initial track record of very high growth and performance.


2017. Inprosec Auto division is born

In 2017 we created a new division called Inprosec Auto, now InprOTech, dedicated to providing industrial cybersecurity services, participating in the BFA (Business Factory Auto) accelerator, supported by IGAPE and GAIN (Xunta de Galicia) and by CEAGA, PSA group and the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo.


2017. New products, new partners and new events

During 2017, we added a new product to our portfolio of solutions (SAP Security Assessment). In addition, Álvaro Gómez, José González and Roi Fortes joined as partners.

Another major event this year was our attendance at the GRC Americas in Las Vegas, where we presented the Nemak success story.

2018. We reached a turnover of one million euros

The consolidation of the company as a success story came in 2018, when Inprosec reached a turnover of one million euros with a team of 18 people and received the “Ardan global company 2018” award.


Equipo de Inprosec en 2018

2019. We define our Strategic Plan

In 2019, the turnover reached 1.1 million euros. In addition, at the end of this year we defined our Future Plan for the next three years (2020-2022), which aims to triple our turnover with a team at least twice as big.

2020. We attended the RSA in San Francisco

From 2020 we could highlight that we have been for the first time in the RSA (the most important and largest cybersecurity event in the world) with our own stand in the Spanish pavilion.


Nuestro Stand en el RSA de San Francisco

2021. Inprosec 10th Anniversary

In 2021 we were able to celebrate our 10th anniversary with those people who helped us get this far. In addition, our staff numbered more than 35 employees.


2022. Sales record

In 2022 we reach our record with more than two million in sales in the Inprosec group. In addition, we updated our strategic plan for the next three years (2023-2025).

2023. New sales record

In 2023, we reached our new record revenue and sales, with 2.2 million in sales across the group. Additionally, we updated our Master Plan for the next 3 years.


Mission, vision and values
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The Inprosec Team

The Inprosec Partners

José González, Roi Fortes, David Torres and Iago Fortes


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