SAP® GRC Services

Optimize the security level of your SAP® installation.

Automate and manage your enterprise risks, controls, identities and cyber threats.

SAP® GRC is software offered by SAP® to automate GRC processes, manage enterprise risks in real time and integrate risk management into strategy, planning and operational execution.


Process Control

SAP® GRC Process Control is a tool that enables the management of the entire lifecycle of mitigating controls and the execution of automated controls (through the Continuous Control Monitoring tool) to ensure the proper functioning of processes and compliance with established policies, thereby avoiding an increase in risk to the organisation.


SAP® Cloud Identity Access Governance

SAP® Cloud Identity Access Governance is the cloud application for managing access to SAP® systems. With SAP IAG, organisations can improve the security of their systems, automate user and access management processes, reduce the risk of unauthorised access and strengthen their security and compliance strategies.


Risk Management

SAP® Risk Management enables organisations to proactively identify, analyse and respond to business risks in real time. Organisations can anticipate and respond to potential risks, streamlining informed decision making in an increasingly volatile and complex business environment.

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