Information Security Management

Protect your most important asset

Experts in protecting your information

Information security ensures that everything that contains information is in an environment controlled by the company. Inprosec has a solid experience in this field and we offer strategic security services, technical security consultancy and training.

Strategic Security

Ensure that security is managed appropriately

Security Technical Consultancy

Increase the technical security level of your systems.

Training and awareness sessions

Enable your team to become an active part of the Security Plan.

Our specialized training services has been designed to raise awareness among all kind of end users and to provide technical managers with useful guidelines to perform their daily operations safely.

Our offer ranges from a generalist and valid for any-job-users training, to a tailor-made training for our clients according to their needs.

We adapt our training sessions to the target audience mixing it, if the occasion allows it, with practical exercises or activities which make the sessions more enjoyable and productive.

Why choose Inprosec?


Multidisciplinary team

Inprosec has a multilingual team formed by various academic profiles (engineers, graduates, …) who perform their duties assuming the roles of consultants, auditors, project managers, etc.


Continuous improvement

In a world that is constantly changing, it is fundamental learn and improve to adapt and offer services aligned with the needs of Customers.


Value proposition

  • We are not incompatible with audits.
  • We are independent. We are Consultants.
  • We do not compete in markets that are unfamiliar to us.

Can we help you with Information Security of your company?