Yahoo confirms the biggest hack of its history: 500 million accounts affected

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Yahoo has confirmed that they have to face the biggest cyber threat to a company in history, as it was estimated that about 500 million accounts had been compromised

The information that was stolen from Yahoo include real names, usernames, emails, conversations, phone numbers, birth dates, passwords, complete with hash digital signature, even the security questions with their according answer.

This breach could have been worse, as the stolen information do not include credit card numbers and bank accounts due that data were not stored on the server that was violated.

Yahoo is giving some recommendations and measures in order to contain the attack and to limit the problems as little as possible to its users. Among the measures it is necessary to highlight the disablement of security questions as a way to recover a password service;  contacting with users who could be and even phone calls.

In addition, the company is asking that anyone with a Yahoo account that use the same password and security questions in other services, to change them as soon as possible to prevent further attacks.

It should be noted that data leakage is confirmed, however the exact number of accounts affected as well the number of users is not, all are estimates so far, so it highly recommendable to change the credentials in all known services we have in internet because the data theft took place in late 2014.

Source: xataka

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