What do our customers think of Inprosec?

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One of the fundamental principles that define our company is the focus on the customer. This year, once again, we wish to understand how our customers perceive Inprosec’s services. To achieve this, we have conducted our anonymous listening project for the third consecutive year, allowing our customers to freely express their opinions about our company.

The results obtained have exceeded our expectations, both in volume and in the quality of the responses received.

Here are the details:

To start, we want to highlight that our customers continue to associate us with our main activity, cybersecurity and risk management. Moreover, they mention it by emphasizing that we are specialists in cybersecurity. Finally, they also highlight our quality of service.

Our main focus is to know the satisfaction of our customers and the value they receive from us. We obtained an average of 8.76 out of 10, which fills us with pride and helps us to continue working and improving.


Lastly, the likelihood of them recommending us to a partner or acquaintance, better known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), was evaluated. The result obtained was 63 points, this figure is calculated by subtracting the percentage of promoters (scores 9 and 10) minus the percentage of detractors (scores from 1-6).

This figure has exceeded our expectations, and we can conclude that it has been a great figure since the average NPS in the technology sector is around 40 points.

In 2025, we will carry out the measurement again to continue being attentive to the needs and areas for improvement, as well as new challenges that our customers pose to us.

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