What can we expect in 2017? Cybersecurity trends

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2016 is about to end and it has become a year full of attacks that have compromised both large corporations and individuals

2017 presents itself as a year in which the creation of new `malware’ will experience a decrease but the professionalization of ciber attacks will be on the rise. PandaLabs, in its study of “trends 2017” highlights as main areas of interest for cybersecurity:

  1. Cybercrime.- Cybercriminals will focus their efforts on attacks and victims that may bring them more benefits.
  2. Ransomware.- It will continue to be the protagonist and is expected to end up replacing more traditional attacks based on theft of information, due to the fact that ransomware is the most straightforward and direct way to make a profit nowadays.
  3. Companies.- In 2017 we will experience an increase in the number of attacks targeting corporations. This attacks are becoming more and more advanced. Companies will be the target of choice because they have more valuable information than private users.
  4. Internet of Things.- The next nightmare of cybersecurity. As consecuence of the technological revolution , all type of devices can be connected to the network, which could be used as a gateway to companies and individuals sensitive data.
  5. DDoS attacks (Denial-of-service attacks).- During the last months of 2016, the most powerful DDoS attacks in history have been carried out by botnets. In 2017 there will be more and new cases of this type of attacks, which are often used to blackmail companies or to damage their business (prevent access to the web, online store, etc.)

Vía: CSOcomputerworld y PandaSecurity

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