Webinar | SAP Licensing – Key Points for Optimization

On May 19, one of our SAP GRC consultants from the SAP department, Jose Martin Perez, gave a Webinar on “SAP Licensing – Key points for optimization“. In two different time slots to adapt to Spanish and Latin American schedules.

In the Webinar we talked about the complexity that currently involves the understanding and management of the SAP licensing process and the uncertainty and potential situations of “non-compliance”. These situations can be faced by customers when not acquiring the required number of licenses and ensuring the correct allocation of licenses.

The presentation began with a review of the basic terminology related to SAP licensing, as well as the concept of Indirect Access and its relationship to Digital Access. After this introduction, we reviewed the points to take into account within a standard licensing process to achieve optimization. We also reviewed recommendations on the minimum necessary controls that should govern our SAP systems to facilitate the licensing process. In addition, we discussed best practices in the use of specific licenses (Developer and Test) and their assignment to special user groups (standard users, job execution, service type, etc.).

Finally, we reviewed the standard SAP tools for measurement (USMM_OLD – classic and USMM – web) and consolidation/submission of results to SAP (SLAW – classic and SLAW2 – web), reviewing basic examples of configuration and use.

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