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Inprosec through its services, such as the SAP Security Assessment, helps its customers to improve the security levels of their SAP systems.

April 2023 notes

Summary and highlights of the month

The total number of notes/patches was 25, 1 more than last month. The number of Hot News decreased from 5 to 3 this month. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the number of high criticality notes increases from 1 to 9. As usual we will leave the medium and low notes unchecked this month, but we will give details of a total of 12 notes (all those with a CVSS of 7 or higher).

We have a total of 25 notes for the whole month (the 24 from patch Tuesday, 18 new and 6 updates, are the same number of notes as last patch Tuesday).

We will review in detail 12 of the total 12 high notes and HotNews, 2 of the 3 HotNews are new and 7 of 9 high notes would be new (those of CVSS greater than or equal to 7).

  1. The most critical note of the month (with CVSS 10) is an update of the usual note related to “Google Chromium”.
  2. The next most critical notes (with CVSS 9.8 and 9.2) are 2 HotNews, one related to “Multiple vulnerabilities associated with Reprise License Manager 14.2” and the other is related to “Information Disclosure vulnerabilities in SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence Platform“.
  3. The next criticality notes (with CVSS 8.2) are 3 high notes, the first one related to “Improper access control during application start-up in SAP AS NetWeaver JAVA“, the second one related to “Privilege escalation vulnerability in SAP IBP add-in for Microsoft Excel” and the third one is an update of a note published in August 2022 “Information Disclosure vulnerability in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Monitoring DB)“.
  4. The next criticality score is a high score (with CVSS 7.7), it is an update of a note published in September 2022 related to “Information Disclosure vulnerability in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (CMC)“.
  5. The next notes in criticality (with CVSS 7.5) are 4 high notes, the first one related to “Memory Corruption vulnerability in SAP PowerDesigner(Proxy)“, the second one to “DOS in SAP Commerce“, the third one is related to “Information Disclosure vulnerability in SAP GUI for Windows” and the fourth one is related to “Information Disclosure vulnerability in SAP Commerce (Backoffice)
  6. The next note (with CVSS 7.1) is a high note related to “Improper Neutralization of Input in SAPUI5“.
  7. This month the most predominant type is “Information Disclosure vulnerability” (12/24 in patch day).

In the graph (post May 2023 from SAP) we can see the ranking of the May scores in addition to the evolution and ranking of the last 5 previous months (only the scores of Sec. Tuesday / Patch Day – by SAP):


Full details

The complete detail of the most relevant notes is as follows:

  1. Update – Security updates for the browser control Google Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client (2622660): This security note addresses multiple vulnerabilities in the 3rd party web browser control Chromium, which can be used within SAP Business Client. This note will be modified periodically based on web browser updates by the open-source project Chromium. The note priority is based on the highest CVSS score of all the vulnerabilities fixed in the latest browser release. If the SAP Business Client release is not updated to the latest patch level, displaying web pages in SAP Business Client via this open-source browser control might lead to different vulnerabilities like memory corruption, Information Disclosure and the like. The solution will be to update the SAP Business Client patch to the newest one, which contains the most current stable major release of the Chromium browser control, which passed the SAP internal quality measurements of SAP Business Client. The note has been re-released with updated ‘Solution’ and ‘Support Packages & Patches’ information CVSS v3 Base Score: 10 / 10 (Multiple CVE´s).
  2. Multiple vulnerabilities in SAP Diagnostics Agent (OSCommand Bridge and EventLogServiceCollector)( 3305369): This note lists 2 vulnerabilities in SAP Diagnosis Agent both derived from Unauthenticated RCE, one related to EventLogServiceCollector which allows an attacker to execute malicious scripts on all connected Diagnosis Agents running on Windows and the other due to lack of authentication and insufficient input validation, the OSCommand bridge allows to execute malicious scripts on all connected Diagnosis Agents running on all operating systems, both vulnerabilities compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system. CVSS v3 Base Score: 10 / 10 [CVE-2023-27497].
  3. Update – Improper access control in SAP NetWeaver AS Java (User Defined Search) (3273480): An unauthenticated attacker over the network can attach to an open interface exposed through JNDI by the User Defined Search (UDS) of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) and make use of an open naming and directory api to access services which can be used to perform unauthorized operations affecting users and data across the entire system. This allows the attacker to have full read access for user data, to make limited modifications to user data and to degrade performance of the system, leading to high impact on confidentiality and limited impact on availability and integrity of the application. The note has been re-released to provide the fix to SP026 for version 7.50. CVSS v3 Base Score: 9,9 / 10 [CVE-2022-41272].
  4. Information Disclosure vulnerability in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Promotion Management )( 3298961): The encrypted information stored in the lcmbiar file can be read due to the lack of password protection causing an attacker to gain access to the BI user’s passwords and depending on the BI user’s privileges, the attacker can perform operations that can completely compromise the application. CVSS v3 Base Score: 9,8 / 10 [CVE-2023-28765].
  5. Update – Directory Traversal vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP and ABAP Platform (3294595): SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP and ABAP Platform allows an attacker with non-administrative authorizations to exploit a directory traversal flaw in an available service to overwrite the system files.  In this attack, no data can be read but potentially critical OS files can be overwritten making the system unavailable. In addition to the solution provided by the patch upload the note contains a workaround. This note has been re-released with updated ‘Solution’ information. CVSS v3 Base Score: 9,6 / 10 [CVE-2023-27269].
  6. Directory Traversal vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver ( BI CONT ADD ON) (3305907): Insufficient authority checks and file validations before executing the file upload in BI_CONT causes an attacker can exploit a Directory Traversal vulnerability in a report to upload and overwrite files on the SAP server. Base Score: 8,7 / 10 [CVE-2023-29186].

Reference links

Other references, from SAP and Onapsis (May):

Digital Library (

SAP Security Patch Day: May 2023 | Onapsis

Resources affected

  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise License Manager, Version –15
  • SAP AS NetWeaver JAVA, Versions -SERVERCORE 7.50, J2EE-FRMW 7.50, CORE-TOOLS 7.50
  • SAP BusinessObjects Intelligence Platform, Versions –420, 430
  • SAP Commerce (Backoffice), Version–2105, 2205
  • SAP Commerce, Versions–2105, 2205, 2211
  • SAP GUI for Windows, Versions-7.70, 8,0
  • SAP IBP EXCEL ADD-IN, Versions–2211, 2302, 2305
  • SAP PowerDesigner (Proxy), Version -16.7
  • SAPUI5, Versions-SAP_UI 750, SAP_UI 754, SAP_UI 755, SAP_UI 756, SAP_UI 757, UI_700 20

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