InprOTech participates in ISACA’s EUROCACS event in Geneva

The EuroCACS/CSX event is oriented to cybersecurity professionals where, in different talks and discussion panels, they share their experiences and current problems in their companies.

Specifically, this last EuroCACS was held in the city of Geneva (Switzerland) from 16 to 18 October and was attended by representatives from more than 200 companies and more than 80 training and awareness sessions divided into the following areas:

  • IT environment audits IT and OT cyber security
  • Emerging and technical technologies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management
  • Data Analytics
  • Professional development and leadership

The Audit and Cybersecurity in IT and WO environments sessions and discussion panels have been focused on the emerging techniques that are being used by auditors to audit not only traditional information systems but also increasingly deployed IoT devices.

Among the most outstanding presentations, Rob Shapland (cyber treasurer of companies such as CNN) commented on anecdotes and techniques used for his penetration tests, both physical and technical, and the vulnerabilities to which companies with IoT devices as simple as humidifiers or temperature monitors are exposed.

Sergiu Zaharia, a member of Romania’s intelligence service, also spoke about the importance of network segmentation in industrial environments and the techniques for doing so, since, depending on the topology, this is not something trivial.

Another aspect on which the presentations at EuroCACS have focused is the great and worrying advance of Ransomware. Linas Laucius (Nasdaq cyber security auditor) talked about the current types of ransomware, how to react to one’s infection and preventive measures to avoid being targeted.

In the area of regulatory compliance, the debate on the lack of a clear industrial cyber-security standard has been particularly prominent, and the various ISO working groups are working on a common framework to adapt their current ISO 27001 to the factory as well, since the current standards are not sufficiently clear and specific in their points compared to how extensive they are.

InprOTech has also presented its product and service strategy to globally renowned companies that have shown interest in collaborating and about the model it offers, with which Inprotech continues to consolidate its different alliances and reach out to the rest of the companies to participate in its great project.

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