InprOTech in the top10 of cybersecurity initiatives, participates in the 13ENISE

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On October 22nd and 23rd, InprOTech participated in the 13ENISE cyber-security event held in León, which, as every year, revolved around a new theme: industrial cyber-security.

In this edition, the monitoring and active surveillance of factory networks has taken on special importance. During the demonstrations, InprOTech has presented a demo of its product “InprOTech Guardian”, taking the opportunity to make the official presentation of our new rebranding and trademark. In addition, we had the opportunity to present our industrial cyber security solutions to the audience.

The visitors had the opportunity to see a hack to an industrial network that included a robotic part in a model that has had a great reception and impact among the public. There have also been especially relevant presentations on the notification of incidents in organizations and cyber security in connected vehicles and, very importantly, the panel on cyber security and artificial intelligence where our colleague Lilian Adkinson from Gradiant Technology Center has participated.

13ENISE has shown, once again, that awareness is growing and that there are needs in the factory area that need to be urgently addressed given the growing cyber security problems (India recognizes a cyber attack on its main nuclear plant). The InprOTech team is grateful to its colleagues and collaborators from Gradiant, Muutech, Checkpoint, Ledisson AIT and Robot plus who have made the industrial model possible, which has turned out to be one of the major focuses of 13ENISE.

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