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Inprosec Human Capital: Uxío Fernández

Today at Inprosec Human Capital we present Uxío Fernández, SAP GRC and SAP Security consultant, among other functions.

What is your function within Inprosec?

Since I started working at Inprosec, in May 2017, I belong to the SAP department, where I have spent my entire professional career so far during these approximately 3 years. Therefore, among my primary functions is that of consultant, both for SAP GRC and SAP Security. In addition, I am the manager of a strategic internal project for the company in the field of CRM, so you could say that I have also taken on the role of project manager in recent times.

What would you highlight about your role in the company?

I would of course highlight my tasks related to SAP GRC consulting. Each project of implementation of this SAP module is a new challenge, since it is necessary to understand the procedures of each client, their needs, and provide them with a tool that meets their particular requirements. In practice, it could be said that no two projects are the same, so the ability to learn and get out of one’s comfort zone is basic.

In addition, and given my specialty in GRC, I have recently attended an event where we have been able to study success stories of implementations of other customers, or learn about new functionality that will soon be available. This, and spinning with the previous point, allows me to be up to date to provide our customers with the best solutions.

What has Inprosec meant to your professional career?

Inprosec has given me the opportunity to enter the SAP world, and more specifically, as I mentioned, in the field of SAP and SAP GRC security. I started out knowing practically nothing about this world, and thanks to the initial training of my manager at the time (to whom I am very grateful), I was able to start helping my colleagues in projects.

It is also my first job, and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to start my career in this company, as it has values from which I have been able to learn during all this time, such as self-demanding and transparency.

How do you manage to reconcile your personal and professional life?

It is interesting to be able to work remotely whenever workers want to. Since I am not from Vigo, it gives me the possibility to spend more time with my friends and family whenever I want.

Tell us an anecdote that has caught your attention at some stage in Inprosec.

Certainly, before I started working at Inprosec, I discussed with a relative the possibility of starting to work here. His recommendation, after analyzing several factors, was based on the average age of the staff and the young age of the company, making me see that there would be a good atmosphere. Nothing could be further from the truth. The work environment is really good, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet great people that I consider my friends.

What do you value most about working for a company like Inprosec?

There are many factors that influence, but if I had to stay with some, I would certainly stay with the working environment and the facilities that this company offers me to train. I consider myself a restless and curious person, who constantly needs to be learning, looking for new challenges and here I have been able to find that; but at the same time the ease and closeness of your co-workers means that if at any time you have a problem, you know that they will be there to help you.

As an employee of a company that specializes in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is starting out with respect to their systems?

In my case, I will speak from the prism of SAP Security and GRC projects. What I would recommend is that the point of view of security be included from the beginning of each project. On many occasions, we see customers who are concerned about the security of the systems once all the processes are in place. However, this means an increase in the effort and complexity of restructuring the systems to make them safe, without affecting their operability.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

Among my main hobbies is the practice of sports: cycling, running, soccer with my friends, etc. . . Actually, there are few sports I would say no to.

Who do you “nominate” to interview next and why?

I nominate Iago González, a colleague from the SAP department, whose interview is sure to be of great value.

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