Interview with Noelia García

Today at Inprosec Human Capital we present to you Noelia García, data protection consultant among many other functions.

What is your function within Inprosec?

Mainly, as an information security consultant I participate in all kinds of projects within the IS department, especially ISO 27001 and National Security Scheme audits. My speciality is personal data protection consultancy, carrying out adaptations and audits based on the General Data Protection Regulations and the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights. I also provide training and awareness sessions on matters related to privacy and information security. At the same time, internally, I spend part of my time providing legal advice and support to other departments as well as maintaining and improving the Information Security Management System together with Inprosec’s RSI.

Of the roles you play in the company: IS consultant and Data Protection and Internal Legal Support, which one brings you the most?

Being a consultant implies that you have relationships with many types of clients and requires you to adapt to their different needs in different kinds of projects, which requires you to apply not only your technical knowledge but also the development of other skills more linked to human relations. I believe that these factors make the role of the IS consultant the most decisive when it comes to evaluating my professional growth.

What has Inprosec meant to your professional career?

Despite having some previous professional experience related to the legal world, I consider Inprosec my first job. As such, Inprosec has given me the opportunity to specialize and, above all, to grow professionally. Furthermore, taking into account the sector to which we belong and the university branch I come from, entering Inprosec meant and still means leaving my comfort zone every day, which implies both a professional and personal challenge.

How do you manage to reconcile your personal and professional life?

Inprosec offers a number of possibilities for reconciling personal and professional life, so I have not encountered any difficulties in this respect so far. Even though I don’t have children yet, I really like to travel and spend time with my family, and Inprosec has never been an impediment to that.

Tell us an anecdote that has drawn your attention to a situation at a stage in Inprosec.

Shortly after entering Inprosec, a colleague called me “little PADAWAN” . . . then I had to Google what it was, I had never seen Star Wars 😊.

What do you value most about working for a company like Inprosec?

Some of the most positive points of Inprosec are the job stability and the flexibility it offers when it comes to organising your day-to-day life, as if you have any commitments you can make your schedule more flexible without any problem. In addition, without a doubt, the key factor is the work environment, the relationship with my colleagues is very good and from the Management this is encouraged by carrying out different initiatives and group activities regularly.

As an employee of a company that specializes in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is starting out with respect to their systems?

The first movements must be aimed at knowing what the starting point of our organization is, how we are with regard to the security of our systems, and from there, to set some objectives and define the necessary actions to achieve them. From my point of view, information security must start from the strategic level (the top of the organization) and from there materialize in different actions that affect the lower levels of the pyramid until they affect each of the users and components of the organization. We understand that not all companies have the capacity or resources to carry out this work, so seeking professional advice is always a good alternative.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

Mainly travel, whenever I can I organize a trip or a getaway. Besides, I’m a fan of gastronomy and fitness. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, which includes my furry friends (I have two cats and a dog), and watch documentaries.

Who do you “nominate” to interview next and why?

I nominate Álvaro, because thanks to him I have been lucky enough to become part of the Inprosec family and because, as always, I am sure he has very interesting things to contribute to this initiative.


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