Inprosec discovers technical issue in SAP GRC

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Currently, in SAP GRC Process Control, when defining the logic of an Automatic Control, there are restrictions on the number of fields, in one (or more) table(s), that can be defined in a Data Source as well as the number of assigned fields in the output result of a Business Rule, that is, they are not unlimited. Upon reaching a maximum number of fields, the system begins to generate inconsistencies that does not allow to define the desired logic for a specific Automatic Control.


Along with the SAP GRC development team, we have managed to increase the number of fields that can be handled in a Data Source or Business Rule. This is achieved by implementing note 2816390 – Enhancement to increase the number of fields that can be handled in data source or business rule. This note enables greater capacity in handling the number of fields both in the Data Source and in the Business Rule without generating inconsistencies, in order to achieve the desired Automatic Control.


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