Inprosec-Auto, Driving Security to Business: Launching Inprosec’s Cybersecurity Division for the Automotive Sector

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The market in the automotive sector is undergoing major changes. Always considered an avant-garde sector, especially in the use of new technologies, the world of the CarFactory has been victim in multitude of cyber-attacks.

With the new changes offered by technology, cloud computing  and the Smart-Factory, a key issue needs to be addressed. Are we assuming too many risks?

Cibersecurity issues 4.0 Industry and SmartFactory are being solved with a  generalist perspective of IT, assuming security as purely internal, implying a lack of objectivity, which often affects the safety of the processes and the design of the new devices.

In some cases, companies are giving up development and evolution due to lack of security and guarantees regarding unknown information security risks.

In order to provide a comprehensive (strategic and operative) solution to these problems, we present Inprosec-Auto, a new  specialized division in Cybersecurity for the automotive sector,

Our proposal allows to open barriers to the imagination of the designers and programmers of systems, both in-vehicle and for the Smart Factory, leaving the cibersecurity part in the hands of specialized people.

This commitment to cybersecurity and to the development of the Galician sector has been seconded by the Business Factory Auto initiative, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, IGAPE, CEAGA, the PSA group and the Vigo Free Zone Consortium.

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