Has your personal account been leaked?

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Dropbox, the storage service in the cloud, joins the web services that have suffered large-scale theft of passwords and personal data, as it recently happened to Twitter or LinkedIn.

In its official blog, Dropbox tried to reduce the importance of the incident that happened in 2012, by saying that they believe that no account had been stolen, but a few days ago, the  have recognized that the attack affected more than 60 million accounts.

How can you check if a personal account has been hacked?

In order to verify if your account has been hacked, just enter your email adress in the portal “Have I Been pwned?” and you will know if that account has been leaked as a consecuence of a ciberattack

How can you prevent your account being leaked?

  • If you see that your email has been compromised, change the password on that site
  • Create strong and different passwords for each of your sites
  • Use a password manager
  • Add another authentication step


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