Forum AUSAPE 2022 Summary

Last June 1st and 2nd we had the honor to attend the XVII AUSAPE Forum “Digital Humans” in Seville. Our CEO, Iago Fortes and our Commercial Director Roi Fortes were the lucky ones who were able to attend the largest SAP Community event in Spain after last year’s success, where we were able to return to face-to-face events after the pandemic in Bilbao.

One more year, the interest aroused by this great event has been more than remarkable, and the good figures of last year have been surpassed, reaching more than 800 people from the sector that has hosted the FIBES of Seville. Under the title “Digital Humans”, this year’s edition featured presentations and round tables that focused on:

  • The relationship between human beings and technological development.
  • The role of people in digitalization.
  • The preservation of human values in the digital world.
  • The presence of women in the technological field.

Presentation by Juan Ignacio Rouyet.

The Forum began with the presentation “The back of the frame“, given by Juan Ignacio Rouyet. During his speech, he commented on some anecdotal data about certain changes that, despite representing a technological change and introducing improvements at the time, were harshly criticized as they were considered a threat to the established order. This reminds us of the importance of change management in any project we have to carry out in our organization.

Presentation by Juanma Romero and Miguel Pérez

Later, the presentation entitled “We are Digital, but above all human” given by Juanma Romero and Miguel Angel Perez Laguna dealt in a humorous way with how technology has allowed us to overcome many obstacles. In particular, being able to stay connected with our loved ones despite the fact that at certain times of the pandemic physical contact was forbidden.

Presentation by Cuviv

It was with special affection that we attended the interesting presentation by our friends from Cuviv on the implementation of the SAP BCM (Bank Communication Management) module. They analyzed its use through a mobile application where we also learned about the vision from the point of view of the end client through the words of the SAP manager of Merlin Properties.

Other presentations

We also attended other presentations during the AUSAPE Forum with the following topics:

  • Implementation of SAP Concur in Grupo Antolin, which has allowed to digitize the expenses and travel of its employees.
  • The new licensing model in SAP’s RISE model, which has allowed us to understand the great difference with the traditional model of perpetual purchase of licenses and what factors must be taken into account when considering the change.
  • The implementation of electronic signature in Grupo Amavir, a chain of nursing homes and day centers, where their CIO explained the benefits of saving paper, toner, storage, etc. and all this without losing the existing functionalities, improving productivity and with a clear return on investment.


As in all editions, the AUSAPE Forum has allowed us to meet again in person with some of our customers with whom we have been talking during the time that the presentations allowed us and with our partners whom it is always a pleasure to see again.

In addition to professional activities, we would like to highlight the pleasant dinner we had at a Hacienda on the outskirts of Seville where we were also able to enjoy live flamenco music and dancing. The night ended in an open air disco next to the Guadalquivir where we could continue talking with some of our clients and collaborators, a marvel.

Finally we would like to thank and congratulate the entire organization for their great performance, making each year exceed expectations. Without a doubt, it will be a pleasure to attend the next editions and share space with the SAP world in Spain.


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