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Last Saturday our CEO, Iago Fortes, attended the IESIDE to present Inprosec’s strategic plan to the Executive MBA students. The event was also attended by Rafael Prieto (General Director of CLUN) and Gonzalo Abuin (founding partner of Perfect Numbers), who presented the strategy of their companies as did Iago Fortes, generating much debate and networking.

We will now explain the presentations in summary form so that you can get an idea of what the event consisted of.

Presentation by Rafael Prieto (CLUN)

In the first presentation, Rafael presented an ambitious and modern project for a company in a very traditional sector but at the same time representative and promising in Galicia, the dairy sector, since due to its geography and climate it is the perfect ecosystem for cows.

Rafael explained the new strategy and business divisions of CLUN. Its objective is to promote a plan characterized by modernization, professionalization and optimization.

To complete this plan, digitization is a fundamental process and as such will also require a cybersecurity strategy to accompany that digitization, the future of the factory and the connected operations.

Presentation by Gonzalo Abuin (Perfect Numbers)

Perfect Numbers, is a startup from Lugo, which has gone through several accelerators among which are HOP the accelerator of Estrella Galicia, by BFA with Gestamp.

For Perfect Numbers, working with IoT (sensors for tanks in industry/operations), cyber security needs are also a fact.

His most important works have been with the accelerator companies: Hijos de Rivera and Gestamp. On the other hand, we must stress that they work a lot in the water sector on the one hand and in the dairy sector on the other. Essential services for which continuity and cybersecurity are truly critical.

Presentation by Iago Fortes (Inprosec)

Our CEO structured his presentation in two parts: in the first he explained the origin and history of Inprosec and in the second the process of defining Inprosec’s Strategic Framework.

History of Inprosec

From 2010 until today, despite the difficulties, Inprosec continues to break some records, for example in job creation and number of clients. Iago, also highlighted the 10th anniversary of the company and the ratings of our employees. On the other hand, as a reward for the growth of the company, the salaries of a large part of our team have been revised and promoted, increasing the wage bill by 5%.

Inprosec Strategic Framework

In the second part of the presentation, Iago explained the process of defining Inprosec’s Strategic Framework, through a project with the collaboration of Elige Plus (2019-20). With its Mission and Vision and the Master Plan for the years 2020 to 2022.


To provide expert and specialized consulting services for the management and continuous improvement of risk levels and information security. In large and medium-sized English and Spanish-speaking organizations (especially SAP users). To contribute to disseminate in society a greater culture of safety in the use of technologies: Creating, developing and sharing useful knowledge about risks and safety. Collaborating actively with organizations and entities related to this world.


At Inprosec we aim to become the trusted partner in which customers outsource their risk management and information security.

Principles and values

Iago also insisted on the complete process for defining that strategy while communicating it and conveying it to the audience and finally highlighted the following:

Key points for business success

Finally, Iago wanted attendees to be clear about 7 key points for business success:

  • The involvement of all staff is key: partners, management, middle management and all others.
  • Rely on external consultants who are experts in the field and experienced in energizing and focusing on objectives.
  • Method and plan with objectives and times: step by step; no hurry but no pause.
  • Assigning responsibility: “ownership” and “accountability
  • Communication, communication and communication
  • Let the strategy/plan flow and let the areas and initiatives “bring it to life”.
  • Dashboard or Tracking Panel – we must take advantage of what we have done and make it effective and efficient.


We hope that the presentation of our CEO has been interesting for all the assistants and on the other hand we would like to thank our colleagues from CLUN and Perfect Numbers for their interventions and magnificent coexistence during the event.

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