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Following the success of our previous edition, Inprosec, in collaboration with Imatia Innovation and Cluster TIC Galicia, is proud to join CampusDual TIC once again to offer a new cybersecurity bootcamp. This free 300-hour cybersecurity training (120 hours more than the previous edition) is designed to educate you in the world of ERP systems, with a special focus on SAP, preparing you to excel as a cybersecurity expert. And the best part is that you don’t need any prior experience to make the most of this course.

Why Join the ERP & GRC Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

Our bootcamp focuses on the fundamental pillars of cybersecurity: confidentiality, integrity, availability, traceability, and authenticity, following the standards required by SAP. The main goal is to equip you with the practical knowledge needed to face day-to-day challenges in a cybersecurity team specialized in ERP environments, in addition to deepening your understanding of GRC concepts.

We also want to highlight that several students from the previous edition have joined the Inprosec team after completing their cybersecurity studies.

Who is this cybersecurity training for?

This bootcamp is specially designed for those looking to enter the cybersecurity sector, especially in ERP environments.

In our opinion, the ideal profiles for this cybersecurity bootcamp would be:

  • Graduates in Business Administration, Business, Economics, or related business studies.
  • Graduates in Computer Science or Computer Science vocational training who are looking for a career outside of programming.
  • Professionals with university degrees in other disciplines interested in technology and business management.

What will you learn during the cybersecurity bootcamp?

You will dive into the fundamentals of cybersecurity in ERP environments, acquiring key skills for consulting in this area. Through practical exercises, you will learn about access and risk management, security configurations, and automations, among others. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn best practices in security from industry experts.

ERP Cybersecurity Training Program

  • Start: April 2
  • End: June 12
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Holidays: May 1 and 17

Methodology and Tools

Under the guidance of a professional SAP Manager, you will be part of a work team and learn to use essential tools for monitoring security and managing access risks in SAP. This includes access to Early Watch Alert (EWA), System Recommendations, Configuration Validation in SAP Solution Manager, and the complete suite of SAP GRC Access Control for a comprehensive practical experience.

In-Depth and Practical Syllabus

Our syllabus ranges from an introduction to cybersecurity and security in ERP systems to advanced management of access, risks, and operations in SAP environments. You will conclude your learning with a cross-functional project that will consolidate your applied cybersecurity knowledge.

The complete bootcamp syllabus includes:

Module 1: “Introduction to Cybersecurity”

  • Auditing Security
  • Security in IT Operations
  • Information Security Governance
  • ISO 27K Domains
  • Regulatory and Legal Frameworks
  • The Importance of Business Continuity and Incident Management
  • Tools for Managing Security
  • Phishing Workshop

Module 2: “Introduction to Security in ERP Systems”

  • Introduction to Security
  • Security in Applications
  • Security in ERP (SAP)
  • Basic Concepts: Types of Systems, Clients, Navigation, Users, Transactions, and Programs

Module 3: “Access Management in ERP Systems”

  • Access Management
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Reporting
  • Security Audit

Module 4: “Risk and Operations Management”

  • Risk Management:
    • Processes
    • Risks
    • Controls
  • Risk Analysis: SAP and SAP GRC
  • Parameters:
    • Login & Session Parameters
    • Critical Access Parameters
    • Gateway Security Parameters
  • Access to Tables:
    • Tables for Access Management
    • Tables for User Management
    • Tables for Role Management
    • Change Documents Tables
    • Change Log Tables
  • RFC Connections
  • Transport Management
  • Managing SAP Notes
  • Query Creation
  • Function Module
  • Security in Code Development
  • Security Tools in SAP Solution Management

Module 5: “GRC Systems (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance)”

  • Introduction to GRC and SAP GRC
  • Access Risk Analysis (ARA) with Exercises
  • Risk Matrix (Definition and Implementation)
  • Access Request Management (ARM) with Exercises
  • Provisioning Process (Definition and Implementation)
  • Emergency Access Management (EAM) with Exercises
  • Emergency Access Management Process (Definition and Implementation)


This cybersecurity bootcamp is not only an opportunity to receive free training in a constantly growing field but also to connect with professionals in the sector and open doors to future employment opportunities.

If you are ready to take a qualitative leap in your technology career, this bootcamp is your ideal starting point. Click on this link:

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