Communique on COVID-19

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Before the government decreed the state of alarm, Inprosec established teleworking throughout the company due to the caution and flexibility that characterizes our company.

Thanks to this measure, the entire Inprosec team is healthy and without symptoms. However, all precautions are taken, so it has been decided to extend teleworking at least until 30 June (the estimated date of the new normality), while waiting to study the evolution of the de-escalation that began last Monday.

With regard to the state of the company, we can say that we have not applied any temporary dismissal or similar measures, but we have resorted to financing instruments to be able to achieve this, as well as a reduction in costs, ensuring the sustainability of the company and the welfare of our workers, who have adapted perfectly to the situation due to their habit of combining teleworking with attendance.

Our workers have followed a work plan during these two months, giving priority to our clients, followed by internal strategic plans, professional development and leaving the holidays and reduction of working hours in last place; which we want to thank them for their perfect compliance.

Despite maintaining the telework until June 30, we are already preparing for the return, with a planning of the measures to be taken to maintain the safety of all our work teams and reduce the risk of contagion. To this end, we have begun a process of purchasing means of protection, which include hydroalcoholic gels, masks. . . ). At the same time, our intention is that the return to presence will be done following some phases until reaching normality, guaranteeing the health of all the members of Inprosec.

At Inprosec we want to encourage the whole society to continue working as a team as we have done up to now. Let’s not relax, we’ll beat the virus together.

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