Facing the new challenges of cybersecurity in Galicia.

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, so it is increasingly important to adapt quickly to changes in the environment.

The Xunta de Galicia is aware of this need and has been working for years to develop measures in line with the digital transformation, which takes place both outside and inside Galicia. The creation of the Galician Cybersecurity NODE is one of its latest initiatives, which was born in July 2020 thanks to a set of entities: Amtega (the Galician Technological Modernization Agency), INCIBE (National Cybersecurity Institute), CNN (National Cryptologic Center), the four provincial councils and FEGAMP (Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces). This group of organizations seeks to continue growing and adding new public and private collaborators, so that the NODO becomes a magnet for cybersecurity initiatives within Galicia.

In this environment the event is created and will take place at the City of Culture in Santiago de Compostela on November 10 and 11 from 8:30 to 19:50 and from 9:00 to 19:00 respectively. The event aims to generate a structure of cooperation within the field of cybersecurity, so that both public and private entities can be connected to face the growing and increasingly dangerous threats of cyber attacks.

The Group joins the quest to increase general awareness of the importance of cybersecurity by actively participating in the event and exchanging knowledge with the rest of the entities present there. Representing the company will be several of its employees, including Iago Fortes Caramés, CEO, the national commercial director; Inés Lamas Aranguena, the international commercial director; Ibán Morillo Nuñez, general manager of InprOTech; Alba Rodríguez Ramos, cybersecurity consultant and Ricardo Veiga Cereijo, commercial manager in Galicia. Also, following its strong orientation towards the culture of cybersecurity, Inprosec will sponsor the talk on technological development and privacy that will take place on the first day of the event at 17:50 and will be given by Julián Prieto, the deputy director general of promotion and authorizations of the Spanish Agency of .

Within the Inprosec Group, the industrial cybersecurity line is represented by InprOTech, which will actively participate through workshops, both days, where a Smart Industrial Cybersecurity Demonstrator based on the use of Galician solutions and technologies will be presented with the joint collaboration of Gradiant and Tecdesoft.

Inprosec Group has joined a large number of companies to convey the importance of cybersecurity, facing new technological challenges for organizations and administrations, as well as favoring the creation of a secure digital environment for society as a whole.

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