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. in which we offered the possibility to visualize the demo of InprOTech Guardian and attend all the attendees who were interested in knowing the multiple utilities of our industrial cybersecurity service. In addition, we prepared a room with the help of our colleagues from Tecdesoft in which we developed our Industrial Cybersecurity Intelligent Demonstrator.


The topics covered in the two days of were divided into three main blocks. During the morning of the first day, activities were carried out for the Public Administration. They explained the risks faced by companies and the obligations that each user must complete in terms of cybersecurity, with talks and presentations by the main Galician organizations and IT managers. During the afternoon of the same day, there were very interesting presentations aimed at the business community. And on the second day, the activities were mainly aimed at the general public, so the public had the opportunity to participate in various technical workshops such as “Wireshark/tshark for network forensics and Threat Hunting” or “Intrusion in an Active Directory environment and forensic analysis of such an attack”.

Some of the most outstanding discussions and talks were:

“Cybersecurity: collaborations and synergies between the Galician Public Administration”.

In which the advances of the Xunta and the State Government in this field, the implications for this sector of the new state regulations, the lines of collaboration and synergies between public administrations were addressed.

Moderated by Alfredo Díez, Director of Cipherbit in Grupo Oesía.

And in which participated:

Gustavo Herva – Head of the Security Sub-area of the Agency for the Technological Modernization of Galicia.

Raúl Fernández – Responsible TIC of the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Miguel Lorenzo – Responsible for Information Security at the Provincial Council of A Coruña

Fernando Suárez – Director of the Area of Transparency and Open Government of the Ourense Provincial Council

Marcos Valiño – Director of the Area of Modernization, Innovation and Quality of the Local Administration of the City Council of Santiago de Compostela

“Galicia: at the forefront of I+i in cybersecurity”.

The numerous advances being made in the sector and the importance of continuing to work on the training and awareness of SMEs, local administrations and citizens, in order to continue leading R&D in cybersecurity were discussed.

Moderated by Rosa Seoane, Innovation Manager of Abanca.

And in which participated:

Luis Pérez – General Manager of Gradiant

Ana Fernández – Professor at the University of Vigo. School of Telecommunications Engineering.

School of Telecommunications Engineering. AtlanTTic Research Center

José Julio Fernández – Director of the Center for Security Studies (CESEG) of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Víctor Carneiro – Professor at the University of A Coruña.

“Cyber Resilience: considerations for CISOS. The challenges of the CISO in the digital transformation”.

Digital acceleration, the increasing adoption of the cloud and new work environments are opening new challenges in cybersecurity for CISOs of organizations around the world. This talk highlights the need for strategies and capabilities to help prevent, respond and recover from security incidents.

Moderated by Antonio Fernandes – Galician Hacker and Cybersecurity Manager at Finsa.

And in which participated:

Carlos Pérez – CISO at Abanca

Víctor Valiño – IT Manager at KUSILAS

Iago Martínez – Manager at Edigal

“Diagnosis: the level of cybersecurity maturity in companies”.

During which a quick analysis was made of the current situation of companies in relation to the level of cybersecurity they have. And how organizations that mature in cybersecurity find in every experience of uncertain events an opportunity to reinvent themselves, and not to rely on their lessons learned, to advance in a better understanding of their environment.

Moderated by Daniel García – General Director of ISMS Forum Spain.

And in which participated:

Óscar Sánchez – Member of the board of ISMS Forum Barcelona, Cybersecurity Director at Puig.

Belén Pérez – Coordinator of the Center for Industrial Cybersecurity in Galicia

Irene Bonome – Head of the Department of Society and Digital Talent, Digital Society Area of the Agency for the Technological Modernization of Galicia

Luis Fernández – Editor of SIC Magazine

Our Industrial Cybersecurity Smart Demonstrator

During the two days of, attendees had the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the operation of InprOTech Guardian.

This project is developed by InprOTech, our industrial cybersecurity division and the objective is to help companies to maintain sustainable and reliable industrial security levels over time. This project is implemented thanks to the correct segmentation of networks and real-time monitoring of security status.

The technology consists of a comprehensive security service called Guardian.

Through this intelligent demonstrator we intend to give visibility to the risks and threats related to a bad segmentation of the factory network that affect countless companies and industrial organizations.

Thanks to the ability of InprOTech Guardian to build the network map in real time, it is possible to check the weak points through which an attacker can enter the network, while the alert manager indicates the possible existing risks when such attacks occur.


We would like to show our gratitude and satisfaction for the work done, since, after having participated in the two editions of we consider that it is of enormous importance to continue laying the foundations for a Galicia aware of cybersecurity and technology, thanks to a strong commitment to talent and innovation.

This has been the second year of many more that, of course, we hope to be there to tell you about. See you next year!

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