Access Control

SAP® GRC Services

Monitor and control access to your SAP® systems

SAP® GRC Access Control is an application that monitors, evaluates and controls user access and authorisation, ensuring that only the right people have the right access to the right data.

Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

The SAP® GRC Access Control ARA (Access Risk Analysis) module is used for SAP® access management with preventive and continuous monitoring of risks, critical transactions and compensating controls.

  • It is common for organisations to have a lack of visibility of user access in SAP® systems, which creates risk.
  • The existence of users with many more accesses than they need.
  • All of these issues lead to a lack of visibility into segregation of duties (SoD) risks.
  • At Inprosec we have our own risk matrix, which is based on the SAP® matrix and to which we have made more than 200 changes, such as identifying new risks, new functions, and incorporating standard transactions for the following systems: APO, BASIS, CRM, ECCS, HANA DB, HR, ISU, R3, S/4HANA, SRM and SuccessFactors Employee Central.
  • We also have our own IT risk matrix (Basis).
  • The use of multiple systems also creates risks between them. Our Cross-System Risk Analysis analyses these risks.
  • Get real and true information about the risks in your SAP® system.
  • Identify actions to mitigate risks.
  • Facilitate decision making to reduce the number of SoD risks in SAP®.

Access Request Management (ARM)

The SAP® GRC Access Control ARM (Access Request Management) module facilitates efficient and controlled processes for requesting, approving and provisioning access to SAP® systems by enabling customisation of user approval flows in SAP® with tailored approval steps.

Password Self Service enables users to reset passwords without the need for a helpdesk team.

  • Manual access management in SAP® systems generates inefficiencies and wastes time.
  • Lack of traceability over access management processes in SAP® causes audit deficiencies.
  • Dependence on a HelpDesk team to reset passwords.
  • Integration with other tools as a user data source (Active Directory, IdM, etc.).
  • This module can be used to define customised workflows for the creation and modification of SAP® users.
  • Access management via SAP® GRC AC ARM increases security and traceability.
  • Efficiency gains and cost savings are achieved through faster access assignment.
  • Low-value tasks (such as manual password resets) are avoided.

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

The EAM (Emergency Access Management) module of SAP GRC Access Control efficiently manages emergency access. This module is essential for organizations that require rigorous and secure control over temporary accesses granted in critical or emergency situations.

This service ensures that emergency accesses are granted in a controlled, traceable manner and in accordance with internal security policies, thereby minimizing the risk of privilege abuse and ensuring business continuity.

  • The presence of many users with critical privileges in SAP® systems creates risks and is a misuse of this type of emergency access.
  • Many organisations manage emergency access manually, which makes management inefficient.
  • Many organisations use these emergency privileges on a regular basis, making it complex to review logs and reducing visibility, while increasing the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Efficient emergency access management processes.
  • Definition of customised emergency access assignment workflows in SAP®.
  • Provide a visualisation role for the consulting team (SAP_ALL_DISPLAY).
  • Users without critical privileges in SAP® systems.
  • Emergency access change log review flow.
  • Reduce the number of change logs to review.
  • Efficient management of SAP® incidents.

Business Role Management (BRM)

The SAP® GRC Access Control BRM (Business Role Management) module easily automates the process of managing, cataloguing and defining roles in SAP® systems. The centralised approach facilitates alignment between business processes and security policies, enabling efficient access management and contributing to more robust and consistent internal control structures.

  • Manual role management in SAP® systems wastes time and money.
  • Lack of traceability of role management processes in SAP® leads to audit deficiencies.
  • Role management via transports.
  • Replace role management via transports with an approval workflow tool.
  • Define fully customised role management workflows in SAP®.
  • SAP GRC BRM improves role management security and traceability.
  • Centralisation of role management in all SAP® systems in a single tool (BRM).

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