SAP® Security Services

Optimise the security level of your SAP® installation

Secure your SAP and minimise risks

At Inprosec we have a solid experience in SAP security services and, therefore, we can help you with the implementation of  policies and procedures that improve productivity and avoid risks in SAP systems, such as role design, SAP security assessment, identity management and customised projects.

Role Design

Reduces SAP user accesses that may pose risks or conflicts

We use the best practice methodology to review and create task-based roles, minimize SoD conflicts and guarantee the role model to save time on processes.

Knowing and understanding

We know the business and work to understand your needs.


We create just the accesses that the business needs.


The role model we designed requires less effort. (=10 min/role).

SAP® Security Assessment

Check the security level of your SAP® systems

The SAP Security Assessment is an integral security product that Inprosec offers to its clients to provide information on the main risks existing in SAP ® systems.SAP ® systems.

Identity Management

Optimise access management of your SAP® systems

Single Sign On

One of the biggest issues, that affects companies that present multiple SAP systems, is the effort spent in password management. The implementation of a Single Sign On in SAP systems will result in a reduction of the required effort in this task, due to the fact that the user will only need to choose which SAP system wants to access without typing neither his/her SAP user and password.


  • Reduction of the time and effort spent in password management (creation and modification).
  • Reduction of risks related to the publication of passwords by users.

Implementation SAP IDM

One of the biggest challenges is to achieve an efficient and productive access management process. SAP Identity Management supports companies to centralize identities (one person can have several users under one unique identity). SAP IDM has a free license to use it in SAP systems (however, it is not free for Non-SAP systems).


  • Allows the usage of Password Self-Service without the need of other application´s licenses.
  • Allows the creation of Approval Workflows previous to the access assignment.
  • Creation, Modification and Deletion of users in any system (not only SAP).
  • Assignment of accesses based on positions. If an employee promotes to GM, IDM will assign the accesses needed in the required system and will remove the previous ones.

Custom Projects

Our expertise and flexibility at your disposal

  • Risk matrix
  • User management procedure
  • Backup policy
  • Program change procedure
  • Password policy
  • Contingency plans

Due to the adaptability of Inprosec, while doing its projects, there are a lot of them that cannot be directly assigned to any of the business areas described above. These are the most relevant ones:

  • Process Automatization (Scripts) through transaction LSMW.
  • Setting up of security applications in SAP Solution Manager: EarlyWatch Alert, Service Optimization Service and Configuration Validation.
  • Installation of the tool “Read Access Logging”.
  • SAP Licensing Audit.

Why choose Inprosec?


Multidisciplinary team

Inprosec has a multilingual team formed by various academic profiles (engineers, graduates, …) who perform their duties assuming the roles of consultants, auditors, project managers, etc.


Continuous improvement

In a world that is constantly changing, it is fundamental learn and improve to adapt and offer services aligned with the needs of Customers.


Value proposition

  • We are not incompatible with audits.
  • We are independent. We are Consultants.
  • We do not compete in markets that are unfamiliar to us.

Can we help you with the SAP Security of your company?